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6-Year-Old Boy Drives Toy Car Onto Highway

Six-year-old drives onto busy New York highway in toy car

Take a drive up New York's Bronx River Parkway, and you'll see a lot of things. The 19-mile roadway connects the city to the suburbs, stretching all the way from the Bronx borough to the suburban towns of Westchester County. It's no surprise then that it's known for its many changing views, from the busy, congested streets of New York City to the grass-covered, tree-lined suburbs. The Metro North train may ride alongside you for awhile, on its way down to Manhattan, or a family of deer may graze in the grass next to you along the shoulder of the road.

But here's something you definitely don't expect to see as you cruise along the New York parkway: a tiny 6-year-old, driving in the right lane. In a toy car, no less.

That's exactly what motorists saw last Sunday, Aug. 3, though, when a young boy came up the on-ramp in his battery-powered ATV. The little boy, whose name has been withheld, had been playing in a nearby park with his family in Mount Vernon under the watch of a cousin. But as authorities were later told, the cousin became momentarily distracted, and when the cousin turned around, the boy was gone.

Panic, of course, immediately set in as the family searched frantically for the child over the next half-hour. Then they called police.

Meanwhile, the 6-year-old, who has autism, had journeyed 10 blocks in his tiny car, making his way onto the busy highway. Luckily, though, other motorists immediately spotted him, and with a little quick-thinking, several drivers formed a kind of blockade around him, shielding him from other fast-moving cars.

"A couple of cars were behind him, maybe another alongside him a little bit, somewhat protecting him from the possibility of being struck by a car that wouldn't have seen him in time," said Westchester County police spokesperson Kieran O'Leary.

Finally, one of the drivers was able to hop out, grab the boy, and pull him to safety until police came.

Needless to say, his family was overcome with relief. After being checked out at a local hospital, doctors found him to have no injuries and sent him right back into the arms of his parents.

Photo via AOL

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