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'Apparently' Kid Reacts to Fame, Gets Even Cuter

"Apparently" TV kid reflects on his fame

Last weekend, a small ruddy-faced kid from Pennsylvania landed himself on the local news after he was interviewed at the county fair. His name is Noah Ritter, and by the time yesterday rolled around, he was all we could talk about. Was it his unintentionally hilarious delivery or his prolific use of the word "apparently" that we loved the most? We're not entirely sure. But this was much was for certain — he was just what our hump day needed.

Well, happy Thursday, people, because little Noah is back and he is cuter than ever. He also has a confession to make: He kinda-sorta doesn't really know what the word "apparently" actually means. And he definitely doesn't know how to spell it. He just heard it from his mom once and likes using it in sentences (like "apparently, that was really annoying").

In an interview with the Today Show yesterday, the pint-sized kindergartner explained his wild ride to Internet fame, admitted he's pretty much over saying the word "apparently" (so quit asking him, will you?), and describes his instant-notoriety as "a thousand drops of heaven."

Be still our hearts.

Noah also turned up on another local news segment, in which he grilled the reporter on just how many people actually saw him on live TV. "Did the people in Africa see me?" he questions. "If the people in Africa saw me, I'll give 'em a fish."

Seems like a fair trade.

He also wants us to know some other things about him: He wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up; he has a very large brain (though not quite the size of a pelican, if we're being precise here); and his grandpa is his absolute best friend in the whole wide world.

"Can I get a refreshing drink?" We're dying over here.

Photos via YouTube

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