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Help Reunite a Hurricane Irma Evacuee With Their Lost Lovey

Photograph by Facebook

If you were one of the many Hurricane Irma evacuees traveling through Mobile, Alabama, and happened to lose your beloved stuffed Eeyore, then you’ll be happy to hear it’s been found. If not, maybe you can help return this lost furry friend to his home.

Martha Elizabeth Durant has created a Facebook page Finding Eeyore's Way Home in hopes of reuniting this plush toy with its rightful owner, asking anyone on Facebook to share her posts and photos to help spread the word.

“Please please share and ask your friends to share so he can find his way home,” she wrote on Facebook.

Photograph by Facebook

Durant originally found this stuffed pillow pet along an exit ramp off Interstate 10 during heavy traffic as the massive influx of evacuees were desperate to return home after the storm passed.

“Traffic has been heavy and backed up all day as Irma evacuees headed home. I found poor Eeyore in the middle of the I-10 Eastbound access ramp in Mobile,” Durant wrote.

If you had any concern regarding Eeyore’s current condition, Martha has more than made him comfortable. Eeyore was fed apples for dinner—as she says, “Poor Eeyore is very sad. We hope he will eat a few bites”—and carrots for breakfast to keep him strong because “today, after all, could be the day.” He even has his own bed and reportedly had a good night’s rest as they continue to “hope someone in Florida will see this and know who is missing him. Please share.”

She’s even included him in her daily routines of enjoying ice cream on Saturday, grocery shopping and even accompanying her to her father’s 84th birthday celebration. Sadly, he often can be found overlooking the spot along the freeway where he was found by Durant, “in case his little person rides by again.” To ease his sadness, he was given a friend, named "Big Earle," who was her son’s childhood lovey given to him almost 24 years ago.

People have flooded the page with encouraging comments. They've also helped to spread the word and rooted for a safe return and happy ending. Many have shared examples of their own children’s stuffies and a horrific time it became lost. Some have even opened up and shared their own stories about a time when a comforted belonging helped them through a hardship.

While Durant’s primary goal is to return this plush animal to its owner, this mission has surpassed its original intention and transformed into a much-needed beacon of hope in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. It no longer is about the simple act of returning a stuffed animal to its owner, but rather a demonstration of the good that still exists in this world and something positive and uplifting that can be found amid the devastation.

If this stuffed animal does belong to a little one, this is one of the worst times to lose their sense of comfort and security. Throughout the chaos of the storm, evacuation and destruction, this child needs their beloved buddy now more than ever.

When asked whether or not she’d adopt Eeyore if his human is not found, Durant replied, “I’d adopt Eeyore in a heartbeat—but I’m not considering his person might not be found.” If she’s not giving up, then neither are we.

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