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Video: 'Apparently' Kid Gets Auto-Tuned

"Apparently Kid" Noah Ritter gets auto-tuned in latest viral video

Still can't get enough of the "Apparently Kid" yet? You're in luck. Neither can the Internet.

The pint-size news-reporter-in-training is apparently back this week with a hit single that is apparently going to get stuck in your head forever. Apparently.

YouTuber (and total genius) Schmoyoho has taken the now-infamous clip of accidental child comedian Noah Ritter and auto-tuned it to perfection. So those hilarious one-liners you loved? ("I was scared half to death!"; "Grandpa lets me have the remote after we watch the Power Ball!") Get ready to start singing them in your shower.

Impressed? Us too. But Schmoyoho is kind of a pro at this auto-tuning viral videos thing. Back in 2011, he caught a lot of attention after auto-tuning Charlie Sheen's embarrassing yet wildly popular "winning" interview — it's racked up over 53 million views to date. But so far, his most popular auto-tune video is the one he did of Antoine Dobson's "intruder" interview back in 2010. It's earned 122 million views!

Photo via YouTube

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