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Video: Baby Goes Nuts Over Remote Control

Baby dances to Mariah Carey – but only if the remote control is in front of him

Babies. You gotta love their ability to look at just about anything and be utterly amazed by it. (And also, their ability to turn just about anything into a reason for a good ole' cryfest. But we digress ... )

Today, we bring you one such kid, whose parents seem to have recently introduced him to the remote control. Let's just say the meeting went really well. We repeat: It went really well.

So mesmerized is he by the the mere sight of the remote that his eyes light up, he shakes every limb he's got and has a full-on freak out over it.

Probably helping matters is that Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" is playing softly in the background. But it's clear this kid needs a focal point before he busts a move, because whenever Mom takes the remote away from his face, he stops dancing — just like that.

Too cute.

Photo via YouTube

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