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Kid Sent Home by School Nurse for Hilarious Reason

Kid gets sent home by the school nurse for the most hilarious reason

Chances are, if you have a kid over five, you've gotten a call or two from the school nurse at some point.

Chicken pox. Strep throat. Threw up after too many rounds on the tire swing. You know, the usual.

But we're willing to put money on the fact that the nurse has never rung you up for the ole' nacho in the eye predicament. (We're right, aren't we?)

Same cannot be said for the mom of this week's viral kid note, in which a young student has apparently suffered an eye injury after a lunch time debacle.

Ouch. Hope this doesn't lead to a fear of nachos for life. Now that would be truly tragic.

Sheesh. That must have been one vicious food fight.

The photo was shared on Imgur earlier this month by the student's brother, where it has since gone viral. (No surprise here.) So far, it's racked up some pretty hilarious comments to boot, though most of them have less to do with the actual nacho-hurling event itself, and more to do with the makeup of the note.

"That might just be the most beautiful check mark ever," writes imgur user JeffreyDohmerWithAnO.

Another pointed out the fact that the form itself seems to be organized from "least embarrassing" to "most embarrassing." (He has a point there.)

And last but not least, one commenter (who belongs to the curious Imgur handle, Deathbarf), noted that "vomitting" was spelled wrong.


Photo via Imgur

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