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'Mom's 1st Birthday' Ad Will Move You to Tears

Pampers Japan creates "Mom's 1st Birthday" ad to congratulate moms on their first year

That first year with baby can sure be a rough one. For first-time parents, it's filled with a million unknowns, what ifs, and am-I-making-the-right-decisions. Which is why, when your baby finally makes it to that glorious first year mark in one piece and gets a gold star at her annual checkup, it's the best feeling in the world. Suddenly, all those sleep-deprived nights and days filled with worrying are worth it, because hey – you're doing all right, Mom.

Pampers Japan totally gets it, and in their latest ad, they've set out to remind us that all our efforts have not gone unnoticed.

In the four-minute clip, we watch three young moms nervously head into their baby's annual checkup, filling the doc in on everything their little one has been up to lately. As their babies bounce around happily in their laps and clamor to grab just about anything within arm's reach, each mom opens up, sharing just how worried she was in the last year.

It's all very sweet and relatable, but the real emotional sucker punch comes midway through the video, when she leaves the appointment. That's when we see each mom walk down a different hallway – each one having been sweetly decorated by her husband while she was in with the doctor.

As she wanders down each hallway, Mom is stunned to see photos of herself and her baby hanging from the walls. Beneath each one reads a message from her husband, with captions like, "I almost cried when you said 'hello' to our son" and "you were in such pain, but you acted so strong."

Soon, she begins to weep – and so do you, because this thing plays like the most emotional Hallmark card ever. And when she makes her way outside the hospital, there he stands: her husband, holding a cake with a candle on top, wishing Mom a Happy First Birthday. Because she made it.

Photo via YouTube

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