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Mom Gives Birth to 4 Babies in 9 Months

British mom gives birth to four babies in nine months

Surprise pregnancies are always a shock, no matter what the circumstances. And a surprise pregnancy just nine weeks after giving birth to your first kid? That'll definitely throw you for a loop. But get this – for British mum Sarah Ward, her back-to-back pregnancy story was a little crazier than most. Because that second pregnancy? It was with triplets. Yes. TRIPLETS.

If a mountain of never-ending diapers and totally sleep-deprived nights suddenly flashed through your mind, we are right there with you. In fact, the 29-year-old mom and her partner, Benn Smith, say they change about 175 "nappies" and make up to 80 bottles per week.

"It feels more like a nursery than a home," admitted the newly-minted mom of four. But that doesn't mean she isn't in love with her little brood. "We feel so blessed," she told the Daily Mail recently. "At times it's utter chaos but we just laugh and get stuck in."

And if you thought you have a hard time getting out of the house with the kids in tow, consider Ward's epic feat. "It takes two hours to prepare to leave the house," she says. "But we don’t dwell on the hard work. I love babies so I feel like the luckiest mum in the world."

Ironically, the young mom had feared not being able to conceive at all, after it took her over a year to get pregnant with her first son, Freddie. But clearly, it seems Ward was more than okay in that department. After conceiving again just nine weeks after Freddie's birth, doctors soon learned she had more than one bun in the oven this second time around.

"The sonographer paused and asked if we knew how many babies we were having," she said of her 12-week ultrasound. "Our mouths fell open because we thought she was telling us it was twins."

But nope.

"When she said triplets I nearly fell off the bed in shock," Ward said. "Neither of us could speak as she turned the screen to us and pointed out three little wriggling shapes. I just started crying when I realized they would be born before Freddie was one."

Hats off to these two parents – it's going to be quite some year!

Photos via The Daily Mail

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