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Photo Series Shows Hilarious Babysitter 'Updates'

Babysitter sends hilariously Photoshopped photos to parents as updates

Leaving your kid home alone with a babysitter for the first time can be pretty anxiety-inducing for any newbie parent. Even the most even-keeled Mom or Pop might find themselves with a few terrible images dancing through their heads of completely implausible scenarios. But thankfully, your worst fears are never actually realized.

Sure, your kid may have drawn all over the walls in crayon. Maybe they even snuck into the candy drawer when the babysitter wasn't looking, and ate all the Girl Scout cookies or destroyed your favorite tablecloth while doing arts and crafts. But hey – they're alive. That counts for something.

If you leave your kids with Reddit user ukalele, though, you best be warned that things will get pretty wild. Her recent babysitting adventures apparently include near-misses with a T-Rex and the baby almost getting eaten by a shark.

"We were asked to babysit our friends' 6-month-old," writes ukalele in her post. "Sent them these hourly updates."

Ugh, we hate when our walks through the woods get interrupted by giant bears.

Hmmm…we think she's going to have to make grander moves than that to get away from this deadly python.

"Take me to your leader!"


Something tells us she's not going to be able to outrun that guy. (Just a hunch.)

All of ukalele's were (naturally) Photoshopped before being sent over to the baby's parents. Though she doesn't say so in her post, we're guessing they got quite the kick out of the updates.

Photos via Reddit

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