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This 'Frozen' and '50 Shades' Mashup Trailer Is Everything

"50 Shades" and "Frozen" trailer mash-up goes viral

We're sure you've asked yourself this a million times: what do "50 Shades of Grey" and "Frozen" have in common?

Oh, what's that? Never even crossed your mind? Okay, us too. But that doesn't mean the universe hasn't responded in some gloriously unexpected fashion anyway.

Yes, it appears some absolute genius out there painstakingly took the time to edit together bits of "Frozen" and the audio track of the "50 Shades" trailer. And ladies? It. Is. Amazing.

With Princess Anna as the doe-eyed, virginal Anastasia, we hear her wondering aloud what the deal is with this dark and mysterious man she's just met. She's transfixed by him, secrets and all. But is he right for her?

Meanwhile, our Christian Grey — the very regal Prince Hans — is as handsome and mysterious as ever...and somehow just a touch sexier with Christian's voice coming out of his very cartoon-like mouth.

Is this all very weird? Should we be thinking very X-rated, Christian Grey-like thoughts about our kids' favorite G-rated flick? And hey, we aren't we supposed to hate Hans?!

Sigh. All these things may be true, but we can't help it — we're totally and utterly into it. We blame Beyoncé and that impossibly perfect rendition of "Crazy in Love." Gets us every time.

A round of applause, please, for YouTuber Tranceart Violet, who had the stroke of genius to even put these two things of beauty together. We're seriously indebted.

Photo via YouTube

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