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'Downton Abbey' Press Photo Makes Modern Blunder

"Downton Abbey" press photo makes a very modern blunder ...

ITV's mega-hit "Downton Abbey" is known for its high drama and grand style, set against the backdrop of early 20th century England. So far, the series has taken us from the pre-war, post-Titanic days of 1912 right up through the glitz and glamor of the free-spirited "Roaring Twenties." (And we've loved every minute of it.) Each episode is like wandering back in time, giving us a rare glimpse into the gilded world of the British aristocracy, with no signs of the modern world to be seen. No cell phones, no blue jeans, no iPads. With show creator Jullian Fellowes at the helm and countless advisors on-hand, "Downton" prides itself on being all about the details and historically accurate.

Er — that is, until a recent press photo started circulating, in which one very modern artifact seems to have slipped its way through time and right into the Crawley family's sitting room.

Here, while the Earl of Grantham and his daughter Lady Edith Crawley stand in front of their grand fireplace, a rogue item from 2014 tries to remain unseen.

Can you spot it?

No? Not yet?

How about now...

Yep — that's a plastic water bottle, accidentally left sitting on the Crawley family mantlepiece. Too bad those thingamajigs weren't invented until the 1960's. (D'oh!)

Eagle-eyed fans on Twitter were quick to point out the blunder, prompting ITV to digitally remove it ASAP. But of course, fans couldn't let the whole thing die down before having a little fun of their own. Almost as quickly as the photo was fixed by the network, others kept cropping up all over the place – with even more futuristic objects making an appearance.

Like this cordless phone.

Or this rainbow-colored bong. (Which adds a nice bold accent to the room, wouldn't you say?)

The press photos were released this week as ITV gears up for "Downton's" season five premiere, which (as always) is highly anticipated by fans all over the world. And as other press photos from the network show, we'll be jumping through the future a few more years at "Downton," where little Lady Sybbie Branson and young Master George Crawley appear to be growing up fast.

"Downton Abbey" will be back on ITV in the UK this fall. But here in the US, we'll have to endure our usual agonizing wait until winter to see it on PBS. Better mark your calendars now for January 4, 2015!

Photos via ITV/Instagram

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