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Mom Arrested After Grocery Store F-Bomb

Mom arrested for saying the F-word at the grocery store

Try as you might to watch your tongue around your kids, every parent's guilty of letting a few choice words fly now and again. But for South Carolina mom Danielle Wolf, it seems she let them fly at the wrong place and the wrong time. In fact, her recent use of the F-word landed her in handcuffs.

It all happened last Sunday, when the North Augusta mom was shopping with her family at a Kroger's grocery store. As they made their way down the bread aisle, she reportedly yelled at her kids to "Stop squishing the f--king bread!" It was an off-the-cuff comment that Wolf herself didn't even think much of. But apparently, the Wolf family was not alone.

When nearby shopper Michelle Smith heard the mom's words (and the tone she took with her kids) she was more than a bit stunned. As she later told WFXG, Smith was immediately transported back to her own verbally abusive childhood, and felt that she had to say something.

But this is where the story gets murky.

According to Wolf, Smith started following her through the grocery store, chastising her. "She's like, 'you said the F-word', and I'm like, 'when did I say this to my kids?'" Wolf told the outlet.

In fact, Wolf says Smith's version of the story is not what happened at all. "She's like, 'you told [them] that they were smashing the bread', and I said no, I said that to my husband, that he was smashing the bread by throwing the frozen pizzas on top of it," said Wolf, 22.

Smith also claimed that Wolf used the F-word repeatedly and even hurled it at her when she approached her, which is what led her to call the police, but Wolf has denied those claims, too.

In the end, Smith called the police and Wolf found herself facing charges for disorderly conduct.

"I didn't harm nobody. I didn't hurt nobody," insisted Wolf. "The lady said she was having a bad day. So because you're having a bad day you're going to ruin somebody's life."

Hmmm...while there seems to be two very different sides to this story, you can watch and listen to Michelle Smith's side of things over on WFXG.com.

Image via WFXG

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