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Family Surprises Grieving Grandpa With Puppy

Family from Belgium surprises grandpa with puppy, after grandma passes

For YouTube user Davy Vanhaesendonck of Belgium, watching his grandpa mourn the loss of his grandma after 63 years of marriage was difficult in and of itself. But considering his gramps also lost his beloved pooch within the same four-month span, the heartache heaped upon him was just too sad to witness.

So along with the rest of his family, Davy decided to do something he knew would lift his grandpa's spirits: he surprised him with a brand new puppy, to remind him that he'll never be alone.

In his now-viral YouTube video, Davy tells the story of his grandpa's loss to the camera, before revealing the little furry surprise he has in store for him. Then, he makes his way to his grandpa's house and walks right into the kitchen where his grandpa is sitting.

"A friend for you, grandpa," says a relative off-camera. "To keep you company." (Awww!)

As his little cousin hands over the adorably tiny puppy to her grandfather, he begins to tear. "I can't believe it! Is it for me?" he cries.

Go ahead and watch for yourself. (Just consider yourself forewarned that it will be impossible for you not to cry, too.)

As Davy wrote in his YouTube video description, the video was to give Grandpa "energy" as well as "the courage to continue his life." We think this little guy — named "Snoopy" by the family — was just the trick.

Davy's already updated his YouTube followers with some of Snoopy's adorable hijinks. Like ankle biting, for example:

Photo via YouTube

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