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Clever Shoe-Tying Method Goes Viral

New shoe-tying method goes viral

Listen up, parents: If your kid is about to head back to school this fall and still hasn't mastered the art of shoe-tying, fear not. There is hope for you yet. No, you don't have to send them off in decidedly un-cool Velcro jobs, or pray that those triple knots you put on in the morning will hold until dismissal time.

Instead, the parents of Ross Elementary School have shared a new shoe-tying PSA for the ages. And it's about to become your favorite parent trick ever.

Their video, which was originally shared by the school's PTA, was actually first made at back-to-school time last year. But it's recently been making the rounds once more, with bloggers like Laura Marie Duncan of Suburban Snapshots reposting it for the greater good.

And man, would we like to give them a massive virtual Thank You. So would the teachers of America, if we'd have to wager a guess. The video was posted along with the caption, "On the 'wish list' of many Kindergarten, 1st grade, and PE teachers are students who know how to tie their shoes!"

Thinking of giving this method a whirl with your kid? Let us know how it goes!

Image via Facebook

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