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Cute Kid Letter Tells Parents to Change Their 'Additude'

Cute kid letter tells parents they need to change their "additude"

Going viral this week is one adorable letter penned by a little Miss Chloe Smith, aged 9, whose parents need a serious reality check.

Let's just cut to the chase, Mom and Dad: Chloe has had it up to here with your crankiness, and she doesn't have to take it anymore. As punishment for unnecessary strictness, you're losing your story time privileges. She hopes you take this time to seriously reflect on your attitude additude.

Chloe's hilarious note was shared on Reddit this week, where it quickly picked up major steam (for obvious reasons). Her adorably adult manner of speaking, her misspelling of the word "additude," and her absolute disappointment in her parents' behavior are all too cute for words.

Reactions to the letter have been somewhat mixed, though, as the comments on Reddit heated up real fast. "I can feel the sass coming off the page," wrote kris10amanda, while Ewa_Beach chimed in with "Wow, wait til she becomes a teenager!"

Others were a tad freaked out by the little girl's rather precocious letter. "Your friend's kid has some excellent conflict resolution skills," joked SlobBarker. "She'll probably grow up to be a serial killer."

Whisper06 begged to differ, though (and so do we), writing that, "She's going to be a lawyer when she grows up."

We have to agree — her powers of persuasion are pretty solid.

Photo via Imgur.com

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