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Baby Found Alive on the Side of Busy Interstate

Photograph by Facebook

An infant boy is now safe after being found last Saturday on the shoulder of an Oklahoma interstate.

Over the weekend, a church group was riding in a bus down Interstate 40 when the driver spotted what looked like a doll, buckled into a car seat on the side of the road, according to reports. As he moved in to get a closer look, he noticed something else: tiny baby feet that were moving.

But it wasn’t a doll at all—it was a baby boy, and he is lucky to be alive.

Christy Hill, one of the witnesses, posted a viral image of the little boy on Facebook and shared her experience. The link has since been removed.

“Can you even imagine,” Hill wrote. “This little guy could have died out there, I sure hope it was not done on purpose for that reason.”

Although the incident was alarming (and could have been fatal), emergency workers estimate that the child was there no longer than 30 minutes because he wasn't sweating and it was more than 90ºF outside. In addition, medical staff told officials that the baby appeared to be well taken care of, clean and healthy.

So, who left him there and what happens now?

At this time, police aren’t giving out many details. Though they were able to locate the mother, it is too early in the investigation to determine if charges will be filed. As for the baby boy, he has been placed in custody of the Department of Human Services.

Now, this is where things get confusing. The driver told police that he didn’t see a note, food or water anywhere nearby, but news outlets are now suggesting that the car seat was stuffed with $5,500 in cash, a birth certificate and social security card.

Whether or not police found a hidden stash is irrelevant. The fact remains that a mother has allegedly abandoned her child on the side of the road, and that baby could have died.

The question is why? Why would anyone abandon a child on the side of the road? The baby's mother has since been taken to a hospital to be evaluated, according to the Associated Press.

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