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Video: Dog and Baby Engage in Adorable Cry Battle

Dog, baby engage in cry battle/adorable argument

Bringing your daily "Aww" today is one cranky (but adorable) little baby named Zoe, and her equally cranky pup, Pele. In a YouTube video uploaded by Zoe's dad Tyler Rockwood, the pair go back and forth trading wails — and we're not sure whether they're competing for loudest cries, arguing their points or just plain unhappy with everything. Either way, though, it's hands-down adorable. (Made even better by the look on Zoe's face every time Pele cries back at her.)

While this has been the most popular video of the pair so far, there's plenty more where that cuteness came from.

You can check out Part Deux of their argument:

Or watch Zoe eat a peach (and then put it on her head):

Or catch Pele engage in a new battle, against a toy penguin that just won't quit:

Too cute!

Photo via YouTube

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