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Breastfeeding Moms Stage Nurse-In at Local Anthropologie Store

All moms know the feeling of elation (amongst other things) that comes with the first shopping trip post-baby. New mom Ingrid Wiese-Hesson was doing just that at the Beverly Hills branch of her favorite store, Anthropologie, when her six-month-old baby started crying for some food. So she did what many other breastfeeding mothers would do and found a seat in the back of the nearly empty store, put on her nursing cover and began to feed her child. Soon after, she was approached by the store manager who informed her that she would be escorting her to the bathroom upstairs. The bathroom had no chair and only a single toilet. And this was after Wiese-Hesson had just spent $700 at the store.

Weise-Hesson tells ABC7, "I don't know if it was imagined or felt or real, but I felt judged. As I walked out of the restroom and toward the door to leave, I was overcome with a feeling of shame, which is not something I'm accustomed to. I'm not someone who embarrasses easily."

She called the store afterwards to ask the manager why she was forced to move, to which the manager responded, "I thought you and the other customers would be more comfortable off the sales floor ... We must be fair to all the customers, not just moms."

So what's an angry mama in the modern age to do but share her story on Facebook? And share she (and the many other supporters) did. Soon, a nurse-in at the store was planned for the next day. According to Weise-Hesson's Facebook page, over 100 moms showed up, nursing babies in tow, in a peaceful demonstration of support. Afterwards, the general managed of the store called Weise-Hesson to personally apologize.

For the record, California law states that a breastfeeding mother may feed her child in any place — public or private — where the mother and child are otherwise allowed. And it just so happens to be Breastfeeding Awareness Month.

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Image via Facebook/Ingrid Weise-Hesson

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