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Is Private School Actually Cheaper Than Public?

Report claims that private school could save you $53,000 a year
Photograph by Getty Images/Design Pics RF

If you've been used to thinking that private school is a high class luxury, we're right there with you. Why pay for something you're already getting free, right?

A new Trulia report is proving us all wrong. Well, sort of.

First thing's first: while it may feel free to send your kid to public school, you can't forget about that gut-punch of a school tax that rolls around TK times a year. The home TK site recently ran a report to investigate whether or not parents are truly saving by sending their kids to public school; and let's just say, the results are surprising everybody. Apparently, there isn't always a savings associated to sending kids to public school, depending on where you live. Trulia specifically found this to be true when looking at the value of homes in districts where wealthier parents send their kids to public school. In these cases, rich parents went the public school route because the quality of education was considered higher. But here's the catch: in these areas, the homes actually cost more than twice the national average per square foot. Meaning that while you may be paying less in theory for your kid's school, you're paying far more for your home. So in these

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