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Moms Film One Second a Day of Their Son's First Year

Moms capture a second a day of their son's first year

On July 29, 2013, at 5:49 p.m., little baby Oscar came into the world and was welcomed with open arms to two loving moms.

His incredible cuteness and their instant bond led both moms to do what any newbie parents would — take a million photos and shoot endless amounts of video.

But as Oscar's mom Stephanie Darwish later told BuzzFeed, she had already hatched a plan well before he arrived.

"When my wife became pregnant," she said, "I knew this was something I wanted to create for my soon-to-be son — a video version of a baby book."

So right from day one, the pair began rolling on their film, filled with 365-seconds of pure joy, maximum cuteness and, of course, a few of the everyday struggles that come along with having a tiny human.

There are first meetings with new friends ...

... and first trips to the store.

There are breaks for nap time ...

... and play time with Mommy.

There was the discovery that pasta is Oscar's least-favorite thing.

Second only to the cat, when he's being annoying.

All in all, Oscar's first year really was a total trip. And thanks to his moms, he can now have a glimpse into his babyhood for the rest of his life.

Stephanie admits much of the filming credit should go to her wife, who shot about 80 percent of the footage while on maternity leave.

"Once a month," she said, "I'd take all her clips, watch, edit and then compile. I pretty much cried every time I did this."

(Yeah, we totally get that.)

But in the end, it was all worth it. Aside from having a virtual baby book for Oscar, the couple was touched by all the warm responses they've received since posting it on Vimeo.

“What stood out the most was the comments such as ‘This boy is truly loved’ or ‘what a beautiful family,’” said Stephanie.

And while some commenters did wrongly assume that there was a dad somewhere behind the camera, Stephanie and her wife are proud of what the clips show to be true about families with same-sex parents: They're absolutely no different.

"If this video is going to be shared," said Stephanie, "then we want people to know that this beautiful and happy little boy is of a same-sex family."

Photos via Vimeo

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