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Moms Celebrate Back-to-School with Hilarious Music Video

Mom celebrates back to school with hilarious music video

Oh, back-to-school time, how we love thee! How we seriously, seriously LOVE THEE.

If you haven't already shipped your kids off on their first day with an ear-to-ear grin, watched that big yellow school bus ride off into the distance, and then ran through your fabulously silent kid-free house with wild abandon, that just means the best is yet to come. And we bet you're planning out every single minute of your first day of freedom, aren't you?

So are the ladies at WhatsUpMom, who recently dropped a hilarious music video in which they celebrate their kids' first day back in class by doing wild and crazy things.

Like getting out of the house and leaving your giant diaper bag full of kid things at home. (Which is a beautiful, beautiful thing in and of itself.)

And heading out for a day trip to Target with your BFFs — all the while, reveling in the kid-free fabulousness of it all.

Need to catch up on some long overdue sleep? Like six years of overdue sleep? You go right ahead and take that nap, mom. Even if it is in the home goods aisle.

Want to have an iced latte, while actually sitting down and having an adult conversation? Seize the day!

Because today's not about wiping anybody else's butt.

Or epically failing at maneuvering your stroller through the clothing racks.

It's about solo trips to the bathroom (and dance parties in the stall).

It's about picking out a shirt for yourself for once.

And actually having the time to try it on.

What we're trying to say here is ... their first day back at school is pretty much your BEST DAY EVER.

So without further adieu, here are the ladies of WhatsUpMom, getting to the heart of just what it is we love about back-to-school (well, besides everything).

Enjoy it, Mom; preferably with a cocktail in hand. In your kid-free house. Maybe even before noon. Just 'cause.

Photo via YouTube

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