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Mom Turns Kid's Wall Scribbles into Work of Art

Mom turns her kid's scribbles on the wall into an intricate mural

It's a risky little game to turn your back on a kid with a Magic Marker pen in their hands — even for a second. But hey, it happens, which is why so many a couch cushion, painted wall and favorite sweater have been ruined by kid doodles over the years.

But fear not, parents of the world: as Redditor jerschneid has schooled us this week, there is no doodle that cannot be undone. Or, at least made better.

The mom (and creative genius) recently walked into the room to find her kid had drawn some kind of never-ending, vine-like scribble up the walls. It was one of those sights that might, under normal circumstances, kind of horrify you:

But instead of crying over her ruined walls (as we would) and then standing there forever trying to scrub it off the walls, "jerschneid" did something kind of awesome. She picked up that same pen, and started to draw.

Check out how her creative skills turned the former eyesore into a truly beautiful work of art:

It looks like this parent needs a serious round of applause for this masterful fix. (We'd still be scrubbing away at that marker stain, days later.)

Mom, 1; Kid, 0. Game over.

Photos via imgur.com

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