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Little League Star Pitcher Lands Sports Illustrated Cover

Little League star pitcher Mo'one Davis lands Sports Illustrated cover

A serious slow clap is in order for 13-year-old Mo'Ne Davis — for a lot of reasons. In the last week, the Little League star pitcher from Philly didn't just lead her team to victory in the World Series, where she pitched a two-hit shut-out game that caught everyone's attention. She also became the first female ever to do so in the league's history. And now, the all-star player has a new honor to add to her ever-growing list of awesome: she's on the cover of Sports Illustrated's latest mag. And she looks straight-up fierce.

The photo that graces the cover captures Davis at her finest — hurling a fastball like a rocket, with her long braids flowing behind her. And as the headline itself declares, Mo'Ne Davis isn't a name we'll be forgetting any time soon.

As those close to her confirm, the young teen is clearly destined for great things. Though believe it or not, her "best sport" isn't even baseball. According to Debra Brady, Davis' basketball coach at her Philadelphia school, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, basketball is where she really shines.

"She's a phenomenal pitcher, but I think her best sport is basketball," Brady told an ABC news affiliate. "In a year or so, she will be doing the same unbelievable things in basketball ... she was head and shoulders above any kid I ever coached at that level."

The sports-loving teen was first noticed six years ago, playing in a Philly park and allegedly holding her own in a football game against the boys. It was Steve Bandura, who worked with the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation that spotted her prowess, and told her about the Marian Anderson Recreation Center's after-school program, which helps kids focus on both school and sports.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Davis quickly shined as both an athlete and an academic. As Bandura recently shared, he feels her best skills are her analytical ones, which serve her well in the real world, as well as on the court or on the field. "She sees the floor and analyzes better than all the high school kids," he says. "She plays chess when everybody else is playing checkers."

Watch Mo'Ne's star-making moment from her record-breaking game on Friday, August 15.

Image via Sports Illustrated

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