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Beluga Whale Plays Peek-a-Boo with Kids

Beluga whale plays Peek-a-Boo with kids

A day at the aquarium is always a blast for kids. But a day at the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut? Well that's apparently on a whole new level of fun. Because behind the glass of the whale tank, lives a friendly Beluga who has a penchant for playing silly games with his little human fans.

And as two aquarium-goers recently learned, he loves him some good old fashioned "Peek-a-Boo" every now and then. (Hey, don't we all?)

Too cute.

The 11-foot whale goes by the name of Juno, and actually played this game at the aquarium back in 2013, when the video was first shot. But when mom Michelle Cotton uploaded it to YouTube last Friday, it quickly went viral. To date, it's scored over 86,000 views and was even featured on the Today Show Thursday morning as the video of the day. (Easy to see why.)

Photo via YouTube

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