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Kid Wears GoPro Camera on First Day of School

6-year-old wears GoPro camera to first day of school

Ever wish you could be a fly on the wall of your kid's first day of school, not having to wonder what happens after the doors of that big yellow school bus close? Apparently, the Webers of Tampa, Fla., felt this way. So much so that on their son Andrew's first day of 1st grade, they strapped a GoPro camera to his chest and set him loose. The perspective they gained when they played it all back proved to be pretty interesting.

"We thought it was a novel idea to put a GoPro camera on a child so we could obtain a child's perspective instead of assuming that we as adults know what a child needs," May Weber said of her 6-year-old. She added that she also thought it would maybe show her a thing or two about "how I can help him as his mother."

So off he went to McFarlane Park Elementary School one day last week, recording his day spent trekking through the halls on the way to class, trying to make new friends, and meeting (and getting hugs) from his new teacher.

Administrators were of course in on the whole plan, considering it a big learning opportunity for them, too. Andrew's teacher Arianne DeClue shared with ABC that "on the first day of school everyone has nerves and jitters … it was exciting to see what the kids felt."

As for Andrew's principal, Denyse Riveiro, she hasn't yet pored over the footage. But she hopes it will give her some much-needed insight into possible improvements the school can make for its students.

"Some of the areas will be from research of what it looks like. How children are reacting socially. Looking at rules and procedures in place. Looking at how comfortable children feel in the classroom. Looking at the safety standpoint: How safe is the classroom? The school environment and for those special features only a 6-year-old would know."

In the end, Andrew's mom said the whole process did teach her a thing or two about a 6-year-old's perspective, as well as what questions she should really be asking when her kids come home from school. And as for Andrew, he learned one very valuable lesson from it all: Strapping a GoPro to your chest is the fastest way to become the coolest kid in first grade.

Photo via ABC

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