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You'll Totally Be Impressed by This Kid's Swaddling Skills

Photograph by Instagram

Kendra Tierney, a blogger at Catholic All Year, grew up with just one sister, so you could say that her life as a mom now was a bit of an adjustment.

Because Tierney now has nine children. Yes, nine.

As is pretty common in large families, Tierney's brood, who range in age from teens to a fresh-from-the-womb baby, have all learned to pitch in and lend a helping hand when it comes to taking care of their younger siblings. And no one takes the cake for baby skills more than 9-year-old big brother Gus, who showed off some pretty impressive swaddling skills on his mom's Instagram page.


Swaddling by Gus (age 9). #thatsatechnique 👶 🌯

Gus is Tierney's sixth child, and she explains that he's a "very enthusiastic helper," so when he insisted to his mom that he was fully capable of swaddling the baby because he'd witnessed his mom do it plenty of times, she agreed to let him give it a try. The result? Well, it was unique but effective, and as evidenced by the video, baby George is a fan of his big brother's (patent pending) swaddle-and-roll technique.

After nine children, Tierney is glad to see how willing her older children are to help with the younger children and to witness the relationship that working together fosters between them.

"One of the most fun things about having a big family is the interaction between the older kids and the younger ones," she explains. "Honestly, the youngest kids now get way more attention than my first two kids ever did! The big kids love the little ones so much and really relish getting to help them."

The mom and author adds that her older children are given real responsibilities around the house, and as an added bonus get to experience "hero worship" from their younger siblings. Meanwhile, the little kids get extra attention from all their siblings, so overall, for this large family, the more really is the merrier. "The big family dynamic is something I've learned as our family has grown," Tierney notes.

And as for anyone who wants to critique Gus's swaddling technique, Tierney is just not having it.

"Now, some folks might point out that you're supposed to put the inner flappy things under the baby's arms," she admits. "But not me. I'm giving him full marks."

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