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Pageant Mom Feeds Her Daughter Tapeworms to Lose Weight

Pageant mom feeds daughter tapeworms to lose weight

If you've never caught an episode of Discovery Health's show "Untold Stories of the ER," consider yourself forewarned — it's definitely not for the weak of stomach.

Case in point: On a recent episode, an ER nurse shared the uniquely gross tale of a teen who showed up with a bloated belly, complaining of sharp pains. Pregnant? Nope. Appendicitis? Nope.

Despite a round of ultrasounds and hours of questions, the docs at the unnamed Florida hospital still couldn't put their finger on just what was wrong with the girl. But soon they had their answer. A nurse later found her bent over while sitting on the toilet in a nearby bathroom and it all became crystal clear: Her mother had fed her tapeworms, and they were slowly but surely making their way out. As the nurse describes on camera, she saw "a toilet bowl full of tapeworms" before her. (Ugh, excuse us, we think we're going to be sick.)

As for why a mom would do such a thing? Well, that part's even grosser.

"You saw the mom turn white," said Maricar Cabral-Osori, the nurse who tended to the girl. "The mom was apologizing to the girl. She's like, 'I'm so sorry. You know, I just did it to make you a little skinnier. You needed some help before we went on to the pageant.'"

The mom apparently purchased tapeworm eggs in Mexico after hearing of their magical weight-loss powers, and then proceeded to feed them to her daughter. She'd hoped her beauty queen daughter would lose a few pounds before her next pageant. Instead, the results were rather horrific.

"It was so gross," Cabral-Osori explained. "We were like ... blegh."

The entire (disgusting) story was recently reenacted on the show by a team of truly terrible actors, which actually makes the whole thing rather hilarious — until you remember that this was a real thing that happened to a real person. Catch the clip below (if you think you can stomach it).

Photo via Discovery Health

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