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Toddler Drops F-Bomb During ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

When it comes to the now-ubiquitous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, creativity counts. When it comes to children taking on the Ice Bucket Challenge, creativity takes a serious backseat when they simply say, well, the darndest things.

One (possibly British) toddler took the up-until-now-PG-rated challenge to the next level when she blurted out what most of us adults were probably thinking when we had a huge bucket of icy cold water dumped over our heads.

"F***ing hell!" she yells.

And apparently the person who uploaded this video to YouTube caught some flack for it and disabled the comments entirely.

"Here for comedic value not for parental awareness. Get over it," the YouTube user writes.

Comedic value? Check. Parental awareness? Well, parents are definitely aware of the comedic value in that.

Image via YouTube

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