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Parents Sue Daycare for Duct-Taping Child to Mat

Texas parents Brad and Kristi Galbraith are suing a daycare and its owners for child abuse, and accusing one of the teachers of duct-taping their 2-year-old son to a mat during nap time.

The Galbraith family found out about the incident after another teacher at their son's school, Heart2Heart Montessori Academy in Willow Park, Texas, texted them pictures of their son taped to the mat (pictured), according to

"I was completely shocked," Kristi told the news site. "I was sick to my stomach. I felt an extreme amount of guilt for possibly missing signs of what was going on."

Not only are the Galbraiths accusing the school of abuse over the duct-taping incident, but they are also claiming that children were refused water to prevent them from wetting their diapers.

When asked by the CBS affiliate for a comment, Heart2Heart's owners declined because they had not yet read the lawsuit.

"It makes you second-guess what you're doing with your child on a daily basis, and it makes you very distrustful of the people you rely on to take care of your child on a regular basis," Brad told the outlet.

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