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Little Boy Gives Mom Stern Talking-To About Her Pregnancy

It's hard to know how your child is going to react when you announce a pregnancy. This mom had the right idea when she turned the video camera on her young son, who did not hide what he thought about the whole idea.

"What were you thinking?" he asks. "Why do you have to just get another baby? You just have two!" he adds, pointing to his much more relaxed younger sister sitting next to him. (Although, to be fair, she might be way too young to even understand what's going on.)

While the mom tries to reassure her son that he will be loved just as much as the new baby, this little guy is just not having any of it.

"This is exasperating!" he says. (Vocab points for this kiddo!)

And you'll just have to watch what he says when he hears the baby might be another girl!

Image via YouTube

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