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The Onion: Breastfeeding and 'Knowing Everything' Linked

Beautiful smiling mother breastfeeding
Photograph by Getty Images/Flickr RF

Parody site The Onion takes on breastfeeding moms, poking fun at the group by writing that a study "has discovered a correlation between breastfeeding and unequivocally knowing what's best for other people at all times."

Apparently, the site claims, nursing your child "dramatically improves a woman's ability to identify with perfect precision what's wrong with everyone else in every situation."

What do you think, moms? Is that true?

How about the claims that the practice of breastfeeding gave these moms "heightened wisdom of postnatal care, publicly acceptable behavior, proper food choices, pediatric development" — among other issues?

Speaking for all moms (breastfeeding or otherwise; heck, even all non-moms), we unequivocally, undeniably, unabashedly reject these claims.

Basically, Onion, you're wrong about that, too.

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