Couple Has Miracle Baby After 13 Miscarriages in 15 Years

Imagine the disbelief and joy you would feel to have a healthy baby placed in your arms after enduring 13 heartbreaking miscarriages in 15 years. That's exactly what happened to Ayshia and Haider Zaman, a British couple whose first child, a boy named Awais, was born in July at a happy and healthy 6 pounds.

To say they've had a long, hard road to a baby would be an understatement. While Ayshia has never had problems getting pregnant, it was keeping the babies that proved difficult. Due to a condition that caused blood clots to occur, Ayshia would lose each baby between 6 and 12 weeks of gestation. After her 13th loss, the new mom says she "took a two-year rest gap and then plucked up courage for the 14th time. I felt it was my last chance and my last hope."

And once again, she found herself pregnant — a once-celebratory occurrance that was now nerve-wracking. "It was one of the hardest nine months of my life, as always at the back of my mind was the thought, what if it went wrong again? And if I did that I would feel like a failure. Every scan appointment was daunting."

As a result of her complications, Ayshia's latest pregnancy was closely monitored by Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham and their recurrent miscarriage clinic. And with the help of a drug and steroid treatment that freed up blood around the womb, she was able to carry Awais to term.

New mom Ayshia is beyond overjoyed: “There are no words to express the feelings going through my mind. It was a dream come true."

Congratulations to the beautiful family!

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Image via Daily Mirror

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