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Teen Scales Skyscrapers to Take Amazing Photos

Imagine if your teenager was climbing 70-story skyscrapers and sneaking into subway tunnels all to get an amazing Instagram picture. This is exactly what 17-year-old Humza Deas is doing as part of a group of rebel Instagrammers who are starting to attract a lot of attention.

According to a recent New York magazine piece, Deas is just one member of "a community that specializes in combining picture-taking with urban exploration: a tribe of outlaw Instagrammers for whom, every night, New York City becomes a playground and battlefield. They compete to capture the gritty cityscape from unexpected — often aerial — angles while garnering as many likes and follows as possible in the process."

And with more than 50,000 Instagram followers, Deas is definitely at the top of his game. Each of these daredevil Instagrammers claims a specialty, and Deas' is climbing bridges that most normal people would never dream of scaling. He has gone as extreme as balancing on a suspension cable above the Manhattan Bridge. He also counts the Queensboro Bridge, Hells Gate Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge among his many conquests.

And we've got to admit, the images he captures are incredible. But somehow we think his mother doesn't agree.

Images via Instagram/Humza Deas

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