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Kid Faceplants on White House Couch

While most of us wouldn't mind a personal invitation to visit the president at the White House — in the Oval Office, no less — one little boy had other ideas when his parents got some face time with President Obama earlier this summer.

In a photo taken by White House photographer Lawrence Jackson in June, a little boy dressed in khakis and a blazer is captured on film faceplanting onto a comfy-looking presidential couch.

Talk about a bored kid!

The boy must have been so over that (most likely) grown-up conversation between the POTUS and his dad (a departing Secret Service agent) and mom.

Covert tactics again? Geez. "Where's the iPad?" we imagine him thinking, just before he got the brilliant idea to just throw himself onto a couch cushion.

Photo via flickr/WhiteHouse

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