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Charlie the Beagle is Back — and Ready to Play!

Charlie the beagle returns in adorable video

You may remember a certain well-meaning beagle by the name of Charlie, who first became an Internet sensation last month. That's when he famously struggled with the art of "sharing" on camera ... and failed. (Rather epically.)

It all started one day when his tiny human (also known as "Laura") sat gleefully in her bouncer, playing with a toy. Figuring said toy would be awesome as a chew toy, Charlie brazenly stole it right out from under her. But it wasn't long before he realized the error of his ways ...

Being a generally nice guy (and not wanting to cause wails of sadness emerge from the little baby) he attempted to make it up to her by bringing over every single other toy in her stash.

The results were, as you might imagine, adorable.

And now, Charlie's back and ready to play again in a brand new video.

Last week, his dad uploaded a new clip of the pup, which shows he is clearly still trying to make up for his past mistakes. This time, Charlie busily empties an entire bag's worth of toys into Laura's playpen, as she stares back at him with curious eyes.

What results is something of a mini ball pit, right in her playpen. And who wouldn't want that?

Image via YouTube

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