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'Apparently' Kid Returns, Shares New Favorite Word

It's been over a month since 5-year-old Noah Ritter hit it big with his first appearance on live TV ever, and stole all our hearts. With his impressive use of the word "apparently" — dropped at least seven times in just one short interview — he instantly shot his way to fame and reached new levels of adorable. But after a few brief follow-up interviews on local news channels, it seemed the red-haired tyke's 15 minutes were up.

... Or so we thought.

On Thursday, Noah returned, swinging by "Ellen" to chat about his new life as an Internet superstar, as well as the fact that he is so "over" the word "apparently." His new buzz word of the moment? "Seriously."

But aside from dropping "apparently" from his vocab, Noah's been up to some other pretty big things lately. Namely, starting kindergarten — which he likens to being in prison for 10 days straight. (If being in prison included story time, arts and crafts, and playing in the sandbox.) He also shares that he likes to keep mum about being famous and all when he's in class; he saves that stuff for when he talks to the big kids on the bus. (Wise move, little dude.) He also vents about the long and painful walk to and from the bus stop every day. "Why can't they just park the bus at my house?" he asks, exasperated.


Oh, don't you worry, there's more. In Part II, Noah goes on to regale the audience with his hotel room shenanigans.

Be still our hearts. Can somebody get this kid his own show, stat?

Image via YouTube

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