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Sixth-Grader Bummed Over Obama Visit

At school visit, sixth-grader tells President Obama she was really hoping for Beyonce

On Thursday, September 11, the student body at the Inspired Teaching School in Washington, D.C., were alerted that they were in for a special treat: While they busily participated in a September 11 service project that day, a very important visitor would be swinging by their school to lend a hand.

And this wasn't just any important visitor, their teachers stressed. This. Was. Big.

Immediately, a sixth-grader named Madison found her head swirling with all the possibilities. Harry Styles? Katy Perry?

That's when it hit her: Beyoncé. Yes, it had to be Beyoncé — she was sure of it.

Which was why, you see, Madison found herself pretty surprised when none other than President Barack Obama walked through the door to her school, looking nothing like Queen Bey. What a bummer.

Minutes later, as the Prez stood next to her filling backpacks for homeless children, Madison was still trying to keep a lid on her disappointed surprise over his identity. That's probably why, in a moment of candor, she blurted it out: She thought he was going to be Beyoncé.

"I really wanted it to be," she admitted, "but then I realized it was gonna be you."

Oof, low blow, Madison.

But no worries — according to the New York Daily News, the President didn't take it to heart. Smiling down at the sixth-grader, the President quipped back, "Malia and Sasha would feel the same way."

It wasn't long before Madison realized the error of her ways, though, and quickly told the President that having him was "even better." (Ha! Sure.)

But the First Lady, who overheard the whole exchange quickly begged to differ. "I'd rather see Beyoncé," Michelle retorted. (Poor Barack!)

The President then asked Madison what her favorite subjects in school are. "Math and lunch," she said.

The President's response? "Lunch is one of my favorite things, too."

Sigh. This little convo was almost too adorable to handle. We sure wish we could have been flies on the wall when it all went down.

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