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'Apparently Kid' Lands First Commercial

"Apparently Kid" Noah Ritter shoots TV commercial for Freshpet pet food

When we first met Noah Ritter last month, he'd apparently "never ever been on live TV before." Then last week, he charted new territory when he swung by "Ellen" and left the audience with belly aches after his first-ever talk show debut. (Which involved him likening the hours he spends in kindergarten to being in prison for 10 days.)

Well, folks – he's back; and he's certainly come a long way from the Wayne County Fair. Now starring in his first-ever commercial campaign for FreshPet, Noah is as hilarious as always, with just a microphone and a simple backdrop.

He gets covered in a slew of sloppy dog kisses.

He tries to touch his own toes.

He gives amazing doggy massages.

And he even tells an engaging story about a pair of dogs named Barney and Ed, who just weren't getting the kind of first-class treatment they deserved. In fact, they were being fed terrible dog food that made their "farts stink all day and night." (Until they were fed Freshpet food, that is.)

So impressed is he by his own acting chops, that Noah does an obligatory mic drop at the commercial's end. It is amazing.

Alright, alright; we'll stop ruining all the good stuff for you. Watch the clio for yourself, below, and fall in love with this kid all over again. (We sure have, if you couldn't tell.)

The largely unscripted ad was shot last week, after Ritter and his grandpa flew to Los Angeles for a whirlwind couple of days, which included the trip to "Ellen," plus a stop-over at Disneyworld.

Everyone's favorite YouTube star was offered the Freshpet spot by LA-based marketing company Shareability, who decided to make their ad "less of a commercial and more a part of Internet culture,” according to executive Tim Staples. The results were, as you can see, comedy gold.

But it's no surprise why.

“He’s such a loveable character, and we just wanted to capture the random riffing that he does,” said Freshpet’s marketing manager Katie Tyson.

So loveable was he during filming, that Shareability wisely put together a behind-the-scenes montage of Noah's best moments – which include fiddling around on Staple's iPhone, getting distracted mid-scene by an overhead boom mic, and awkwardly sitting in a director's chair:

Noah's clips aren't the only part of Freshpet's most recent campaign, though. The rest will be rolling out in the coming weeks, and include “pet parent” testimonials from Freshpet users who will be sharing how the all-natural food has improved their pet's health and overall happiness.

Images via YouTube

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