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Russell Crowe Caught in Awkward Dad Moment

Russell Crowe caught in awkward dad moment on camera with son

Kids these days. One minute they're tiny toddlers, looking to spend every waking minute with Mom and Dad; the next, they're cranky pre-teens, telling you to get lost already. Sigh. Somewhere around that curious age of 10, everything you do is suddenly annoying, embarrassing and way uncool. (Are we right, or are we right?)

Well don't worry, Mom and Dad — Russell Crowe feels your pain. The actor and father of one sure knows what it's like to have your kid be totally and utterly embarrassed by the very sight of your face. And unfortunately for him, it was all caught on camera.

Last Friday, Crowe took is son, Charles, to a rugby game in Sydney, Australia, where he apparently got a little too excited. After Crowe's favorite team, the South Sydney Rabbitohs, scored an amazing goal, Crowe erupted into cheers right along with the crowd. But when he turned to share in the excitement with his son, Dad was promptly told to "GET OUT OF MY FACE!" ... on national TV. (Eeek.)

Unable to let such an awkward moment go by without a decent amount of fanfare, the Internet reacted by playing the clip over and over and over again, thanks to the art of the Vine video.

Crowe probably wasn't too miffed, though. In the end, his favorite team beat the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles in the NRL qualifying final with an impressive score of 40-24.

Image via Vine

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