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Disney to Launch 'Frozen' Ride

"Frozen" ride coming to Disney world

If singing "Let It Go" in the shower no longer does it for you, you can rejoice over the latest news from Disney: A "Frozen" ride is coming. (Because, of course it is.)

The chilly attraction will reportedly hit Disney World's Epcot center, where it will take up residency in the Norway Pavilion, a spot that's apparently been around since the late '80s, despite sounding kind of (for lack of a better word) boring.

But no matter.

The "Frozen" ride is about to infuse some major coolness back into the Scandinavian-themed spot. And if we had to wager a guess, kids everywhere are probably going to go NUTS for it. According to the Disney Parks blog, the Maelstrom—which is described as a "mysterious boat ride through Scandinavian seascapes" — will be turned into a brand-new ride that will take guests through Arendelle, surrounding them with their favorite characters and tunes from the movie. And because Disney always thinks of everything, there will even be an entire section for parents to snap pics of their kids, happily posing with Elsa and Anna (while losing their ever-loving minds).

According to Disney Parks and Resorts chairman Tom Staggs, this will be known as the "royal greeting location." "We think these 'Frozen' elements are great complements to the Norway Pavilion, which showcases the country and region that inspired the film," he wrote last Friday.

When the ride will come, however, has yet to be announced. Though Staggs's announcement post was met with lots of excitement, he didn't exactly pinpoint a time-frame. (Though if this blog is to be believed, it's rumored to be sometime in early 2016, with the Maelstrom shutting down as soon as October 5 of this year.) Hmmm ... guess we'll have to sit around with bated breath for the official word before we start planning any epic Disney vacations.

Image via Disney

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