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Benedict Cumberbatch Poses Semi-Shirtless for Charity

Benedict Cumberbatch Poses Semi-Shirtless for Charity

Well now that we've piqued your interest ... yes, it's true. British actor (and eternal heartthrob) Benedict Cumberbatch was recently photographed in all his water-soaked, bare-chested glory:

How's that for a Hump Day treat?

Now get ready, because this makes it even better: The actor posed for the Mr. Darcy-inspired photo as part of the Give Up Clothes for Good campaign, which aims to raise funds for cancer — especially children's cancer. (Aww, don't you love him even more now?)

According to the Independent, Cumberbatch's photo is just one in a series of such photos taken by renowned photographer Jason Bell. Other notable celebs who were snapped include Kate Winslet and Hugh Bonneville (aka the Earl of Grantham from "Downtown Abbey" fame). But let's be honest, this is the only one we really want to see.

Writes the Independent: The initiative invites people to donate their unwanted clothing and quality homeware to TK Maxx stores [otherwise known as TJ Maxx in the US] across the country. It is then sold in Cancer Research charity shops to raise life-saving funds, particularly for children suffering from the disease.

To-date, Give Up Clothes for Good has raised $28 million in the UK, with about $13.2 million of that going towards children's cancers specifically. It was first launched back in 2004, with model Jerry Hall as the face of the campaign.

A decade later, Hall is teaming back up with the campaign for its 10th anniversary. "I’m absolutely honored to be supporting the campaign again," Hall said recently. "Thanks to the incredible work done by Cancer Research UK, more children than ever are surviving cancer."

You can learn more about the charity over at TKMaxx.com.

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