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DILFs of Disneyland: The Best New Thing on Instagram

Instagram account "DILFs of Disneyland" brings us hot dads at the theme park

What's the next best thing to actually taking a trip to Disneyland yourself? Going there via DILFs of Disneyland, the Instaporn Instagram account devoted to bringing us images of hot dads perusing the park with their tots.

Oh, yes, it's a thing. A really, really awesome thing.

So get ready to skip the lines and mentally head off on a journey to "the happiest place on Instagram," where the tickets are free and the men are buff, shades-wearing, baby-holding hotties. (You're welcome, in advance.)

Some of these DILFs are full-blown celebs:

... Cam Gigandet, is that you?!

But our faves are just the run-of-the-mill Average Joe-type DILFs, who just happen to look good keeping an eye on the stroller parking.

And know how to keep the kids entertained in between rides.

... while rocking a sleeveless tee in the most amazing way.

The ones who aren't afraid to don some Mickey ears all day long.

Or bow down to a fairy princess.

Dads who make slim-fit shorts and sneakers without socks look good.

Dads who make sneakers with socks look good. (We'll give him a pass on the fact that he's pulled them all the way up.)

Dads who push double strollers like it ain't no thing.

Dads who ... OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THIS?!

Yep; it's good. Real good.

Go on and get hot and bothered with us. Follow DILFs of Disneyland now on Instagram and join in on the dad-oggling with us.

Images via Instagram

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