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OMG, Target's New Service Is What All Moms Have Been Waiting For

Photograph by Twenty20

We’ve all dreaded getting out of the car when it’s raining and we have to go into a store. Even more when you have a sleeping baby in the back and you have to buy dinner for tonight, along with the diapers your daycare just ran out of. Well, it's time to celebrate moms, because our favorite store has stepped in to save the day. (And, yes, I'm talking about Target.)

Target—the store where women can wander the aisles aimlessly, coffee cup in hand and walk out with a hundred dollars' worth of things they didn’t realize they needed—is in the process of launching a new service that is going to revolutionize how we shop. And it’s definitely something moms everywhere can get on board with.

It’s called Drive Up and it’s exactly what it sounds like: A free service where you order items ahead of time, pull up to the designated parking spot and within minutes, a Target employee is there to hand you your bags and you get to drive off—all without ever leaving your car.

Let that sink in for a moment.


Imagine it’s 20 below zero and you’re kicking yourself because you forgot to buy bread.

Imagine your child fell asleep in the car and you need dinner for tonight, along with a birthday gift you’ve been procrastinating on.

Imagine you’re a new mom of twins and are exhausted just thinking about bringing them into the store.

In a world of Amazon Now and DoorDash, it only makes sense that Target would get onboard with its own convenience service. Right now, Drive Up is being piloted only in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and only works for iPhone users, but that will expand once the service gains momentum. And how could it not?

According to Target’s blog post, there are almost 200,000 items to choose from for their Drive Up service. At least for now, you aren’t able to pick up that milk you ran out of this morning, since they aren’t offering perishable items through the service, but you can order pretty much everything else, including toys, household items, dry goods and baby products.

Once you’ve ordered what you need on the app and checked out, you have the option to choose Drive Up as your pickup method, as well as your preferred store. An email confirmation tells you your items are ready to be picked up, and you have about four days to come to the store.

Then it’s as simple as hitting the “I’m on my way” button within the app once you’re en route to the store, followed by the “I’m here” button once you’ve pulled into the designated Drive Up parking spot. Within two minutes, a Target employee comes out with your bags, verifies your purchase, scans the barcode on the phone and charges your card.

That’s it. You’re then free to drive off to wherever else you need to be. And that sleeping baby in the back of your car? Still sleeping.

Drive Up is still in its earliest stages, but as one of the first few customers to try it out, I'm already singing its praises. Every part of the process went smoothly, and I got my items within a minute of pulling up to the store. With winter fast approaching in Minnesota, this is definitely something I’m excited about—because pulling a cranky toddler from the car into the cold is not my thing.

Target, this mom loves you even more now than she ever thought possible.

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