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Tina Fey Describes 'SNL' Kids' Play Dates

Tina Fey describes "SNL" kids' play dates hilariously

We always get giddy when Tina Fey stops by any late night talk show; but when she hits up "Late Night" with her old pal Seth Meyers, it's an extra-special treat. (We could watch those two catch up and share behind-the-scenes stories of all their "Saturday Night Live" days pretty much forever.)

Well this week's visit was no exception. Fey chatted all about her summer of fun spent out in Beth Page, Long Island, where the funny lady lived in a hotel along with two other "SNL" BFFs, Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch, while the trio filmed their upcoming comedy, "The Nest." As you might imagine, it was one hilarious summer.

Though the entire interview is enjoyable to watch – from her retelling of the group's charades at a local Italian eatery to their awkwardness at walking through hotel weddings – our favorite part comes at the end, near the 2:30 mark. That's when Meyers asks about what it must have been like to get the Fey, Dratch, and Poehler kids together for a summer. There are, after all, nine kids in total.

"It's very easy to pick out ... you know exactly which 'SNL' mom the kids belong to," Meyers notes, which then prompts Fey to describe in detail what each of the kids' look like to an outsider. And in her usual, Tina-Fey-style, the descriptions are hilarious.

One question, though: How can we get in on this play date?

In case you can't wait (because we know we can't), "The Nest" is due to be released in late 2015 – so mark your calendars. Fey and Poehler will play two disconnected sisters who – after cleaning out their parents' home of old stuff – reunite to throw one last rager. That is one party we don't want to miss.

Photo via YouTube

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