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Mom Gets Mugged, Then Gives Birth

Mom in Flint, Michigan gives birth after being mugged

Kristen Thompson of Flint, Mich., has had quite the week—to put it mildly. It all started last Thursday, when the new mom was busily crossing a few last things off her to-do list. She was due to give birth the following day in a planned C-section, so she popped into her local Krogers to pick up some last-minute essentials. After all, she wanted the fridge to be well-stocked when she returned home with her baby.

But that's when things took an alarming turn.

"I was putting the groceries inside the car and he just came out of no where and snatched my purse," she told ABC 12.

The thief immediately ran off, but Thompson wasn't about to let him get away with his crime.

"My purse is my life," she said. "It has everything and anything that you can need .... Comes down to bills, the kids' insurance cards."

So instead of running inside the store and calling the cops, Thompson decided to take matters into her own hands—she chased after him herself. Yes, nine-months pregnant and all.

Now you might think her full-term belly and late-stage pregnancy fatigue may have slowed her down ... but you'd be wrong. Thompson was apparently pretty speedy, despite her current state. And her mugger? He was pretty slow. And, according to Thompson, pretty nasty.

"We got around the corner on Krogers, and he pushed me down," she said, revealing several scrapes she endured to reporters.

After Thompson got back up, she immediately continued chasing the man, who by now was passing several people playing basketball. And guess what? Those people just happened to be friends of Thompson's. In fact, one of them was her own brother.

"I was like, 'Hey, grab him, he has my purse,'" she recalls. "And they all just turned around and seen that it was me, and they ran over there."

Long story short, Kristen got her purse back. And her mugger was quickly put behind bars. The thief, who was later identified as Mark Newton, was held down by Thompson's brother until police arrived.

But that's when Kristen started to notice something else was happening—she was going into labor.

"Soon as I got up, I was having contractions," she said.

It took five hours and an emergency C-section, but before long, Joseph Alan Alexander-Thompson was born.

Five hours later, Joseph was safely in his mother's arms.

"He weighs 7 pounds, 7 ounces," Thompson proudly shared. "He's the cutest thing in the world. He's such a ham. In the hospital, all the nurses loved him 'cause he was the cutest baby on the floor."

Thompson added that once she had time to process what happened to her, she realized why all of this happened to her (as terrible as it was).

"The guy that was standing outside Krogers said that he was walking around Krogers looking at people, so I'm guessing he thought I was an easy target," she said.

Easy target? Ha! Boy, was he wrong.

Photo via ABC 12

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