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'Sesame Street' Names Best Musical Guests of All Time

It's hard to believe "Sesame Street" has been around for 45 years, entertaining generations of kids with decades full of Elmo cuteness, Cookie Monster silliness and fun celeb cameos. But it's true: It really is that old. (And so are we.)

In celebration of their 45th Anniversary, PBS Parents has rounded up the all-time best musical guests to ever swing by America's most famous street.

Here are five that are all worth a rewatch.

1. Stevie Wonder

We're not surprised to see Stevie come in at No. 1 here—after all, isn't he everyone's favorite entertainer? The music man stopped by during Season 4 to get kids bopping along to "Superstition" and "1, 2, 3" (which turned out to be the perfect way to teach numbers).

2. Johnny Cash

The Man in Black himself showed up in Season 5 singing "Nasty Dan," and showing kids just what cool was.

3. Lena Horne

Though she visited many times, Horne's most memorable performance came during the seventh season, when she and Kermit shared the duet, "Bein' Green." Talk about a classic.

4. Paul Simon

Simon has swung by "Sesame Street" many times during his career, but the visit that really tops PBS Parents' list is one of his earliest performances, singing "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard." We dare you not to whistle and sing along.

5. Ray Charles

When it comes to legendary show guests, we don't have to tell you that Ray Charles is off the charts. Here, he sings "I Got a Song" with Bert and Ernie.

Other famous names to top the list include Billy Joel, Maya Angelou and Tony Bennett. You can check out the full list here.

What were some of your all-time favorite "Sesame Street" guests?

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