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Prince Harry Gives Little Girl Royal Treatment

Prince Harry Gives Little Girl Royal Treatment

The Invictus Games have now come to a close in London, but one of the best stories to unfold during the games—which honor the U.K.'s wounded warriors—is just now making headlines. It will melt your heart.

Apparently, everyone's favorite rogue prince (aka Prince Harry) was standing behind a 5-year-old named Isabelle Nixon when he noticed she was having a wee bit of trouble seeing the festivities. So being the dashing prince that he is, Harry swooped her off her feet and promptly gave her the best view she could ask for—from atop his shoulders. To make it all even better, he did so while dancing along to the Foo Fighter's live performance, which was going on onstage. (A-dorable!)

So what did the little lady have to say about the exciting encounter? "I was completely over the moon. I was chuffed to bits," she told the paper, in what is perhaps the most adorable statement ever.

Prince Harry actually met the girl and her family earlier in the day, when he was introduced to her father, Adam. Adam Nixon was injured in an IED blast in Basra back in 2004, and has been wheelchair-bound ever since. But he hasn't let his injury hold him back—he's now the captain of Britain's competitive wheelchair basketball team.

"He came up, shook my hand and said, 'You are a legend,'" Adam told the Daily Mail. "I asked him for a photo with him and my family."

So later, when Harry spotted Isabelle in the crowd, getting teary over not being able to see, he bent down and gallantly picked her up.

"He approached us and smiled at me and just literally picked her up and just started to dance so she could see the stage," said Isabelle's dad.

But the sweet little girl had no idea she was getting a ride from a handsome prince until her mom broke the news. "You're dancing with Prince Harry!" Isabelle's mum, Taryn, told her.

The proud mom later shared the moment on Twitter, where Isabelle promptly made every girl in the world totally and utterly jealous.

"When she realized who it was, she was lost for words," her dad added. "She just danced along to the Foo Fighters with him and hasn’t stopped smiling since."

We are right there with you, Isabelle.

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