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Ellen DeGeneres Shows Kids Old Technology

Ellen Degeneres shows kids outdated technology, responses are hilarious

Put Ellen DeGeneres in a room with a couple of kids, and the results are bound to give you belly laughs. But put Ellen DeGeneres in a room with kids chatting about now-defunct tech, and here's what you get: comedy gold.

The funny lady recently sat down with several unsuspecting kiddos to do just that. Together, they examined three ancient and highly curious relics from tech-land: an early cell phone, a typewriter and an answering machine. All of which truly boggled the minds of her new little pals, who stared at them in confused wonder, unsure of why anyone ever thought these were cool.

"It doesn't even have no FaceTime!" one kid points out, when Ellen tries to explain how the first cell phone worked. And when the talk show host asks him to take a guess at how many years ago this weird, gigantic contraption was in use, he doesn't miss a beat. "Oh, 100!" he says, matter-of-factly.

Feel old yet? Just wait, there's more.

Next, Ellen pulls out the "typewriter," which appears to them to be a clunky old computer without all the perks. Right from the start, it's a head-scratcher for these kids, who find that the "On" button is mysteriously missing and there's no screen to be had. The best part of this bit, however, is at the 2:30 mark, when one of the kids reveals he's working on a spec script (you know, as all 8-year-olds do) and Ellen tries to steal his plot. If you watch any part of this clip, let it be this.

Finally, Ellen teaches the kids the finer art of leaving a voicemail on someone's answering machine. (We had almost forgotten about that terrible "Beep!" that used to cut you off right before you left all the important info.)

Watch and enjoy. Oh, and prepare to feel really ancient.

Photo via YouTube

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