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'Frozen'-Singing Toddler Won't Stand for Interruptions

Toddler tries to sing "Frozen" song, gets angry when interrupted by parents

If YouTube has taught us anything over the last year, it's that everyone deserves their moment in the sun when it comes to belting out "Frozen" tunes on camera. We've seen babies crooning from their car seats with wild abandon, dads and daughters reenacting every line from "Love Is an Open Door," and the list goes on.

And now, it's Skye Gracey's turn to shine.

At least that's what the 2-year-old from Belfast, Ireland, was trying to do during a recent living room performance. But as the tiny tot was in the midst of a powerful rendition of "Let It Go"—donning her best Elsa dress for the occasion—she was rudely interrupted by her own parents' giggling on the couch. And let's just say, Skye Gracey was not happy about it. Even if their laughter was over her own adorableness.

"Do you want to [be] sent up to your room and go to sleep by yourself?!" the toddler scathingly warns them. "And nobody will see you ever again? And then you go on the naughty step and the man TAKE YOU AWAY?!"

Though her mom tries to profusely apologize, Skye Gracey will have none of it.

Seriously, guys—how rude.

Photo via YouTube

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