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Mom Makes Vagina Cookies for Second-Grade Class

Mom bakes "vagina cookies" for second-grade class

Teachers have all sorts of ways of rewarding their students for good behavior: gold stars, pizza days, afternoon movies. The latter of which is coincidentally an awesome way to also catch up on beauty rest, according to Cameron Diaz.

We kid.

But seriously now, these fun little rewards are usually a great way to boost morale.

We say "usually," because somewhere in America right now, a second-grade teacher is kicking herself for the way in which her "Fun Friday" epically backfired. It seems that after a particularly good week, she rewards her class by letting their parents volunteer to bring snacks in. (Though it sure seems like the parents get the short end of that stick, but we digress.)

It's all gone pretty well so far, until last week, when a mom walked in with a plate full of vagina cookies. Yes, vagina cookies, complete with disturbingly real-looking labia. (Bon appétit?)

According to Redditor JPstudly, who stated in a recent post that this happened to a friend of hers, the mother delivered the platter of treats to the teacher and said, "I decided you can use these to teach the kids about the woman's vagina today."

Ah, yes, because all any second-grader would like to do in between lessons on subtraction is to get a tutorial on the female vagina—and then eat a cookie that looks like one.

In her post, JPStudly explains what happened next, through direct quotes from her teacher friend: "Baffled and completely caught off guard, I slowly peel the aluminum foil off the pan to behold a plethora of sugar cookie and frosting vaginas. Not just any old vagina, but ALL KINDS OF VAGINAS ..."

How horrifying.

"I give the parent the most professional look I can muster and quietly reply, 'I'm sorry Autumn, but I can't give these to my students. This just isn't appropriate.'"

Autumn's response? Let's just say it was all sorts of crazy. JPStudly reports the mom started yelling in front of the class, declaring that the teacher "should be proud of (her) vagina" and stormed out. (Don't worry, though. She left behind the plate of vagina cookies.)

Now you might think that was where this weird little story would end, but nope. The mom was so livid over the vagina debacle, that she proceeded to fire off several rounds of angry missives to the teacher.

Lesson learned here, teachers? Always stipulate what kind of snacks are appropriate to bring into class, and which are not. Lest some overeager dad walks in one day with a tray full of penis pancakes.

Photo via Pinterest

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